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  • 07/23/19

    How To Build A Window Screen Frame

    From pets to weather a window screen frame can take a beating. Watch as Ace's Home Expert, Lou Manfredini, shows you how to make a new window screen frame in a matter of minutes.

  • 07/23/19

    How To Patch A Window Or Door Screen

    Have a tear in a window or door screen? Watch as Ace's Home Expert, Lou Manfredini, shows you a quick and easy way to patch it.

  • 05/28/19

    How To Make Hanging Planters

    There is no such thing as having too much color when it comes to plants and your garden. Watch as we show you how taking simple glass globes can be transitioned into colorful planters for your home.

  • 05/28/19

    How To Make An Umbrella Stand

    This project is quick, easy and a great way to add color to your entrance. Watch as we show you an easy way to take a galvanized pot and turn it into a colorful and practical umbrella stand

  • 05/28/19

    How To Paint A Chair

    Match any décor in your space by painting chairs to match your home. It's an easy and affordable project. Just pick a color or we'll match it for you! You'll be off and running to a new look in your...

  • 01/15/19

    The Home Convenience Store

    Around the block. What you need in stock. With people who know their stuff. Welcome to The Home Convenience Store.