Projects & Programs

Projects & Programs

Hands on Science

Hands On Science, hosted by Carr and Mel, began its debut at Midnight Science Club. It was a fun time, with lots of great videos made. But, Carr and Mel knew that being "on their own" was the best thing for Hands On Science!
Carr and Mel then created their own You Tube channel, Hands On Science!

Hardware Science

How is it possible to detect the direction of the Earth's magnetic field using a pencil, fishing line, and a magnet? Want to blow out a candle from ten feet away, or trap your most annoying friend using only a garbage bag and a vacuum cleaner? Hardware Science provides hundreds of such activities and projects. Each activity is designed to practice the thinking skills used by all scientists and engineers. Once you know how to think like a scientist, the possibilities are endless! You'll start to see Hardware Science everywhere.

How-To Videos 

Watch how-to videos from ACE, the helpful place. Topics ranging from hurricane preparation to unclogging a drain, from gardening to some great grilling tips and recipes.